The Future of Construction Engineering Materials? A Look at Accsys Technologies

accoya construction material used on thames bridge

A bit of background before we dive in, Accsys Technologies PLC is a British-based chemical technology company that specialises in the production of high-strength, durable sustainable wood for use as construction material. Not only do they manufacture industry-leading materials, but they also create everything in a sustainable manner, a huge benefit to many projects.


What makes Accsys stand out to its competitors, and why it’s so attractive to us for projects, is their proprietary method of “acetylation” – acetylation is the process that essentially pickles wood, resulting in a final product that is much less susceptible to shrinking, swelling, water absorption, decay and insect attack. These material values mean that for us, as both architects and engineers, we are able to use a solution with greater dexterity to the environment that produces longer-standing results.


At the forefront of the business are their two main products, treated wood:



Primarily used for external doors, windows, decking, siding, civil and structural engineering projects, Accoya is a long-life modified wood setting the new standard for the timber industry in terms of versatility, durability, and stability. One of the big attributes of Accoya (Link 2) is its minimal environmental impact throughout its life cycle, from production, through its use, right the way to the end of its life.


Due to the durability of Accoya, it’s an ideal solution for windows and doors as it boasts less shrinkage and swelling, the perfect material for wood bi-fold, bay and sash installations.


Accoya Use Cases

Thames Estuary Hardwood Replacement

accoya construction material used on thames bridge

Accoya construction material used on Thames bridge

One of the more notable projects by Accsys Technologies is the replacement of hardwood in Thames estuary (Link 3). An intricate project with considerations of both environmental and ecological conditions, Accoya was asked to collaborate with the Estuary Environment agency collaboration. A testament to the quality of product Accsys are producing, we see this project as a key indicator as to the potential their materials bring to the structural engineering industry.


Curved Folding Sliding Doors

Not only is Accoya the ideal solution for curved folding sliding doors, but due to its aesthetic qualities, it provides for a high quality finish.

Lake House Cladding

lake house cladding of accoya material

Lake house cladding of Accoya material

Located in Iowa, this project demanded materials of both high quality as well as durability, conditions that Accoya is practically designed for.


Self-branded as a new breed of MDF, Accsys boasts Tricoya (Link 4) as a truly durable and stable outside use MDF for even the most extreme environments. Tricoya is used for façade cladding/siding and other secondary exterior applications, such as; window components, door skins and wet interiors.

Tricoya Use Cases

Fascias and Soffits

tricoya fascia

Tricoya fascia

Tricoya, as seen above, is not only better for machining of fascias, but also provide a better paint finish and extended paint performance.


How Reliable are Accsys’ Products?


Through thorough real-world testing and accreditations with leading industry warranties, Accsys are able to provide a 50-year warranty for both of their products on all above-ground applications.


Final Thoughts

As a multi-disciplinary Architecture and Engineering organisation, we’re always on the lookout for industry-leading materials to provide the best possible solution for our clients. Whilst the materials produced above are very impressive and could be the future of structural materials, the company, as well as their technology, is still very much early doors and is still in its testing phase.


If you have a structural engineering project you would like to discuss with us, we have a team of industry experts available for any project. Working in unison with our Architectural department, we’re able to provide a comprehensive service that looks at each project at all aspects and views.

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