Below are a brief selection of the testimonials given by our clients regarding our expert witness, expert structural engineer and insurance claim reports. For reasons of confidentiality the identifiable name of the legal practice and private individual has in some cases been abbreviated.


Insurance Claims

I have now had the opportunity of examining your report in detail and would like to thank you for the content, which I found to be extremely helpful. The report showed a great balance between the issues you have identified and you have obviously left no stone unturned in this case… My thanks once again for such an excellent report.


Can I place on record my enormous appreciation for the excellent report you prepared for the Council and for your valuable contributions at the Mediation hearing.

Local Authority Solicitor

We are very pleased with the settlement which has been achieved… we are firmly of the view that this successful result was significantly attributable to your contribution. We are extremely grateful, as I know are Counsel and…, for the excellent work you have done in connection with this case. It has been a pleasure for all of us to work with you.

Pharmaceutical Company’s Solicitor

I have now had the opportunity to read and consider your report, and found it extremely clear and very helpful, (if not favourable!) to our mutual clients.


Thank you for the report on the above building which my colleagues, myself and our legal department found excellent. The amount of coverage and breakdown gives us a far better insight into the problems, causes and possible ways of correcting the situation.

Electronics Company

I have now had the chance to read Eric Skilton’s report…….I found the report an extremely useful, thorough and thoughtful piece of work.

Loss Adjusters

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for providing a clear and concise report.

Professional Indemnity Insurers

We have concluded the Mediation on 45 …………… and I would like to extend my thanks to you for your help in what has been a very long and difficult process.

Local Authority Director

I never imagined when I purchased this house that it would result in such a nightmare and I do not know what I would have done had I not happened upon the name of John Pryke & Partners in the telephone directory…

The whole matter was taken out of my hands and dealt with so professionally.

Ms C S (Private Client)

Please also accept our sincere thanks for the professional and efficient way that you have dealt with Mrs. G’s claim, we shall not hesitate to recommend your services in the future”

Insurance Company

May I take this opportunity of thanking you for the excellent work you have done both on site, and in the processing of the insurance claim. I am extremely grateful.

Dr. G W (Private Client)

I want to place on record my own and my wife’s appreciation of all your help and the competence with which you handled the situation

Mr A (Private Client)

Thank you for your letter containing your report. It was an excellently presented and professional review and has helped me greatly to understand the key structural issues.

Mr T (Private Client)

Many thanks for your letter and the very helpful report. Can I also thank you for the kind way in which you treated my father. When you left he felt very confident and happy.

Mr C – Private Client

Thank you for your great efforts in running the repair and re-instatement of our house: it’s good to be back.

Mr & Mrs A – Private Clients