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What is a party wall surveyor?

A Party Wall Surveyor is a qualified professional who specialises in resolving and preventing any issues between homeowners and neighbors that arise under the ‘Party Wall etc. Act 1996’. This can involve any development involving; party walls (shared walls with neighbours), boundary walls, and excavations near neighbouring buildings. Before we get into what a party […]

How to read Structural Engineer Drawings

So you’ve been given some structural drawings and have either been given no context, or they’ve assumed you know how to read them. If you find yourself looking at a set of papers that perhaps look like hieroglyphics to you then we’ve got you covered with our easy-to-understand guide to reading structural engineer drawings. If […]

13 Times You Need A Structural Engineer

If you’re a homeowner, it’s important to know when you need a structural engineer. A structural engineer can help identify and solve problems with the structure of your home. Here are 13 times you need a structural engineer.   Chimney Removal – One of the most common reasons people enquire for a structural engineer is […]


What does a Structural Surveyor do?

If you’re searching for a structural surveyor, you’re likely going to struggle to find someone. Mainly because they don’t actually exist, and hear us out on this. A structural surveyor is a term that’s developed over the years from an overlap between a building surveyor and a structural engineer. Why the confusion? Well, broadly speaking, […]

Most Common New Build Drainage Problems

Moving into a new build is an exciting time for home buyers. It’s the start of a journey to make a house a home and make a lasting impression to look back fondly at memories made. The emphasis being on fond memories, no one wants to move into a new home that is riddled with […]

The Future of Construction Engineering Materials? A Look at Accsys Technologies

A bit of background before we dive in, Accsys Technologies PLC is a British-based chemical technology company that specialises in the production of high-strength, durable sustainable wood for use as construction material. Not only do they manufacture industry-leading materials, but they also create everything in a sustainable manner, a huge benefit to many projects.   […]