Tips for Choosing a Structural Engineering Company

Structural engineer looking over building plans


Whether you have plans to knock down a wall in your kitchen or extend a commercial property, you will need to solicit the services of a reputable structural engineering company.


The trouble is, which one do you pick?  There are hundreds of practices in the UK.  If you do a quick Google search on your phone, I’d bet there’s a handful in the local vicinity!


Unfortunately, not all practices are born equal.  Consider the following when searching for a reputable structural engineering company.


A Reputable Structural Engineering Company Will Have Years of Experience…


As with most industries, experience goes a long way.  Aim to work with a structural engineering company that has an established reputation and many years of experience of working on projects across a wide range of disciplines.


An experienced structural engineering company will have the capacity to feedback on the particulars of a job quickly and efficiently.  This includes a breakdown of costs and answers to any additional queries you may have.


Look out for testimonials on the company website – the more varied, the better.  It also pays to see what sort of projects the company is currently working on or has worked on in the past.  Social media is a good indicator of this – every business likes to brag about the great work they’ve been doing!


…As well as Industry Recognised Accreditations

Engineers meeting a new client at the offices of a structural engineering company

Engineers meeting a new client at the offices of a structural engineering company



These are vitally important.  Accreditations are certificates awarded by a recognised body that communicate if an individual or organisation has the necessary skills, competency and credibility to carry out a particular job or function.


As a minimum, a reputable structural engineering company will have an accreditation from the following professional bodies:


  • The Institute of Structural Engineers (ISE) – With over 27,000 members in 105 countries, accreditations from the Institution of Structural Engineers are awarded to companies that work to the highest professional standards;


  • Constructionline – Constructionline offers an industry recognised accreditation that focuses heavily on quality assurance and health and safety, as part of a thorough and highly rigorous vetting procedure;



Don’t be afraid to ask for information on accreditations during an initial consultation, although these should be displayed prominently on the company website or any other promotional material.  Case in point, we proudly display our accreditations in the footer of the HLN Engineering Ltd website.


A Multidisciplinary Service Delivery is the Norm


As I’m sure you have guessed, a multidisciplinary structural engineering company is one that offers a wide range of services in house.  When a project requires input from more than one specialist, the multidisciplinary approach can pay dividends for the client:


  • If, for example, input from an architect and a structural engineer is required, the process is a lot quicker and easier when both parties work together under one roof;


  • Provided the scope of the project remains constant throughout, multi-disciplinary consultancies can also offer substantial cost savings, as all elements of the design stage take place in-house.


Whatever your requirements, get in touch with HLN Engineering Ltd today for no obligation quote


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