Loft Conversion Ideas for Small Lofts

Builders converting a loft into a living space


In-case you haven’t already noticed, we’re quite fond of blogging about loft conversions.  And for good reason too!

Not only do they increase the value of your home, there’s so much you can do with that empty space under the roof of your house.

We discussed a range of ideas in a previous blog on loft conversion ideas.  Our pick of the bunch included:


  • Spare bedroom – a cost effective way for families to create more space;
  • Extra living Room – no more fighting over the TV remote;
  • Games Room – ideal for kids, big and small (this includes Dad and his pals);
  • Cinema Room – a great way to avoid the queues and noisy cinema goers;
  • Home Office – your own private space to concentrate on work;
  • Bathroom – no more having to wait for the shower in the morning…


Some of these ideas are naturally suited to large loft spaces.  But what if you only have a small amount of room to play with?

Our talented team of chartered architects and structural engineers have years of loft conversion experience, and we can safely say that no loft space is too small to be converted.


Feeling inspired?  Let’s take a look at our favourite loft conversion ideas for small lofts.

Storage Space


Believe it or not, some lofts or attics are unsuitable for storage: without proper flooring, heavy items such as boxes or suitcases could fall right through the ceiling.

If your family is growing at a rate of knots or you’re simply struggling to find a home for all your possessions, then the only way is up.

Start by laying wooden floor to create a steady surface to walk on.  Most lofts are characterised by sloping roofs, so maximise your storage space by creating eaves with easily accessible pull-out drawers.

Other items could be stored and stacked in plastic see-through boxes, making it easy to identify items.

As this area will only be used for storage, you can save money and even more space by installing a simple drop-down loft access hatch.



A minimalist loft conversion with floor cushions and a flat screen television


Building on the living room idea from our previous blog, a den is a place to get away from it all – your own private sanctuary from the outside World (or even the family).

If you have a small loft, the chances are you won’t have room for a sofa, let alone be able to get it up there in the first place!  However, that should not deter you.

Once the space has been developed and suitably decorated, furnish it with fluffy rugs, large comfy bean bags and plenty of throws.

Finish the space off with a Tofteryd coffee table form IKEA and you have the perfect spot to escape from the World or hang out with your friends in.

Play Area


Our favourite loft conversion idea for small lofts is ideal if you have children – no more stepping on Micro Machines or lost Lego pieces!

Why not move play time to an area where the toys and games can stay out 24/7?  No more mess and constantly having to pick up toys in other parts of the house – a dedicated play area for your little ones.

Size is not an issue here, although Mums and Dads may need to move around on all fours to avoid a bump on the head!

In terms of decoration, your imagination is your only limitation…

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