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What is Environmental Engineering?

  Environmental engineering is a branch of civil engineering that aims to solve environmental problems through the application of biology, chemistry and soil science.   The following list details a range of ecological factors that environmental engineers aim to reduce, preserve or make efficient:   Water pollution – environmental engineers ensure that water is contaminant […]

Loft Conversion Ideas for Small Lofts

  In-case you haven’t already noticed, we’re quite fond of blogging about loft conversions.  And for good reason too! Not only do they increase the value of your home, there’s so much you can do with that empty space under the roof of your house. We discussed a range of ideas in a previous blog […]

Our Structural Engineering Services – What We Do

  HLN Engineering Ltd is part of the HLN Group of companies.  For over 50 years we have worked with an ever-increasing list of domestic and commercial clients, providing innovative design solutions to the most challenging of problems. Comprised of an award-winning team of chartered structural engineers, our customer-focused, multi-disciplinary approach has cemented our position […]

The Importance of Good Drainage Design

What 5000-Year-Old Invention Do You Still Use Every Day?   At your feet lies one of the most important innovations in history. It shepherds the world’s most precious resource and is an essential component in the efficient functioning of society.   Without it disease would spread, landscapes would fall apart and our roads would become […]

The Low-Down on Dormer Loft Conversions

Imagine you wake up in the morning, natural light cascading through your floor to ceiling windows. You swing your legs out of bed and feel the plush, warm carpet beneath your feet. Beyond the glass, the day is easing into life as you watch from your position on top of the World – or rather, […]

Our Guide to Velux Loft Conversions

Velux loft conversions increase space, much like every other style of loft conversion.  However, the reason this particular style is so popular is down to ease of construction and a relatively low price point.   The structural engineering team at HLN Engineering Ltd, with years of loft conversion design experience, have done their best to […]