Mansard Loft Conversion

Similar in construction and design to dormer loft conversions (i.e. flat roofs, prominent window feature), a mansard loft conversions is created by raising the height of the party walls on either side of a property.  Although they are subject to stricter planning regulations than dormers, mansard loft conversions are still very popular as evidenced by their numbers in built-up urban areas such as London.  Other reasons our clients like this style of conversion include:

  • A Mansard loft conversion will essentially add an extra storey to your property, thus providing maximum space – more than any other type of conversion in fact.
  • Highly adaptable – suitable for almost any type of property, especially terraced houses.
  • With regards to aesthetic, mansards can easily be finished to match the existing exterior design of a property.

Despite stricter restrictions, higher costs and a great deal more construction work, a Mansard loft conversion is still an attractive option for anyone looking to create space and add value to an existing property.

A mansard loft conversion is a popular addition to many London properties

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